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Discover Solarium Marzeń: An exclusive space to relax and unwind - MoRA MAX Design

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Is a beautiful interior the way to success in business?

Interior design Solarium in Ireland: Our Experience

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a project that was a unique experience for us. We designed the interior of an exclusive solarium in one of the large shopping malls in Ireland.

Construction site: Exciting solarium creation adventure in Ireland

Welcome to the construction site of our latest project - an exciting solarium in one of Ireland's fashionable shopping malls! We would like to share with you our adventure of creating this extraordinary place, which is gradually becoming a reality. Together with our team, we put our heart and soul into building a space that will satisfy your desire for tanning in a luxurious style.

Our latest work, of which we are extremely proud, is an exclusive solarium located in one of the largest shopping malls in Ireland. It was definitely a challenge, but at the same time an amazing opportunity to show our skills in creating commercial spaces that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also functional and comfortable for users.

Designing solarium interiors: Concept and planning

The assumption of the project was to create not only a functional, but also a relaxing and luxurious space. Each utility area has been designed with customer comfort in mind, with individual sunbeds thoughtfully placed for privacy and comfort.

Materials for finishing solariums:

Selection and use

To decorate the interior of the solarium, we used three-dimensional panels made of plaster, vinyl wallpapers and high-gloss stoneware tiles. On the ceiling, we used the DPS system with high-gloss white stretch ceilings. All these elements, properly selected together, will create a harmonious and very exclusive space.

International cooperation in designing commercial interiors

What makes this project unique is the fact that we were asked for help by investors from Ireland. It was a great distinction for us and proof that our work is appreciated not only in Poland, but also on the international arena.

Latest Technologies in Solaria: Applications and Benefits

Nowadays, modern tanning lamps and booths offer innovative solutions. Technologies such as:

- Lamps with infrared radiation that penetrate deeper into the skin, providing a more intense and effective tanning.

- Cooling and ventilation systems that maintain the optimum temperature and ensure comfort during sunbathing.

- Integrated audio and lighting devices that create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.

- Security technologies such as security sensors and time tracking systems that provide protection and monitoring when using devices.

MoRA Max Design: The future of interior design with advanced technology and market knowledge

Thanks to the dynamic technological progress, interior designers now have virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to adapting equipment, finishes, lighting and sound systems to the individual preferences of investors. This evolving technology allows you to create unique spaces that not only attract customers, but also create a unique atmosphere.

As architects of the MoRA Max Design company, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and by taking advantage of the developing market opportunities, we are able to help in creating business spaces that will contribute to the success of the enterprise, are unusual and memorable for visitors.

The awareness that interiors play an extremely important role allows us to arrange places appropriately, affecting not only the effectiveness of customer service, but also their visual feelings and the perception of brand exclusivity.In addition, as MoRA Max Design, we perfectly understand that interior design is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also functionality. Business spaces must be designed in such a way as to promote work flow and effective management. That is why our solutions take into account not only the appearance, but also the ergonomic arrangement of furniture, optimal use of space and intelligent management systems.As a result, using advanced technology and expert knowledge, as MoRA Max Design, we can create interiors that not only impress with their appearance, but also contribute to business success. Our design of retail, office and other commercial spaces allows investors to stand out from the competition and thus significantly increase the chances of their business on the often oversaturated market of services.

Video presenting the developed project

architecture concept

We are proud to present our film promoting the SUN&SEA Solarium, which shows how much work, creativity and commitment we put into this project. For us, it is not only a means of promotion, but also an opportunity to share our passion and skills. The film is available to watch on our website. The link is placed below.


It was a great pleasure for us to work on this project. We are proud that we had a chance to create something so unique and we are glad that our skills have been appreciated by investors from such a distant country. This cooperation has been a great adventure for us and we are looking forward to the next challenges we will face in the future.

Now we are waiting for the grand opening!

The solarium project in Ireland was an important step for us. Thanks to our commitment and creativity, we managed to create a space that not only meets functional requirements, but also impresses with its design. It's a project that definitely brought us a lot of satisfaction, and at the same time was a challenge that allowed us to develop as professionals.

We would like to thank our Irish investors for their trust in us. It is a great honor for us that we could work on such an ambitious project in such a distant market. This cooperation was an amazing experience for us, which enabled us to further develop and show our skills on the international arena.

Thank you very much Monika & Rafał | MoRA MAX Design

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