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Kitchen combined with a living room - modernity, ergonomics and warm accents

Contemporary interiors more and more often combine the functions of different rooms, and combined kitchen with a living room is a perfect example of such a solution. In the arrangement of such an interior, it is worth focusing on modern design, gray colors and warm accents that will add cosiness to the space. Below are some tips that will help you create a functional and stylish interior.

1. Ergonomics and functionality

When designing a kitchen combined with a living room, pay attention to its ergonomics. Work zones, such as a sink, hob or fridge, should be arranged in accordance with the working triangle principle, which will allow you to move freely between them. Remember about the storage area, where you will place cabinets, shelves and drawers for dishes, kitchen equipment and food products. Also think about the appropriate lighting for individual zones - from spot lighting above the worktop to warm, diffused light in the relaxation area.

2. Zone with a dining table

An important element of the kitchen combined with the living room is the zone with the dining table. Choose a modern, simple table and comfortable chairs that will match the aesthetics of the interior. Bet on materials and shapes that harmonize with the rest of the furniture and accessories. When planning the dining area, pay attention to the arrangement of chairs - provide at least 60-70 cm of space for each person to move freely around the table.

3. Types of chairs

W modern kitchen it is worth considering different types of chairs, such as models made of wood, metal or plastic. You can also opt for upholstered chairs that will add extra comfort and warmth. Remember to choose ergonomically shaped chairs that will ensure comfort during meals.

4. Gray colors and warm accents

Modern arrangements are often dominated by gray colors, which give the interior an elegant and minimalist character. However, it is worth breaking the cold

colors with warm accents. This can be done by adding colorful cushions on the sofa, wooden elements or textiles in shades of beige, brown or red. Such a color balance will make the space cozy and harmonious.

5. Materials for furniture

Modern kitchen furniture is not only aesthetics, but also durability and functionality. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the materials. When choosing furniture, pay attention to cabinets made of laminated board, MDF or veneer, which will ensure durability and easy cleaning. In addition, use materials such as glass, stainless steel or stone, which not only give a visual effect, but are also practical.

6. Door handles

Door handles have a huge impact on the appearance and functionality of kitchen furniture. You can choose from different types of handles - from simple, minimalist aluminum handles, through elegant stainless steel models, to classic brass or gold finishes. Be sure to choose handles that match the style of your kitchen and ensure ease of use.

7. Space optimization

When designing a kitchen combined with a living room, it is worth thinking about optimizing the space. Use the height of the room by mounting wall cabinets or shelves. For small kitchens, consider storage systems that maximize space utilisation, such as tandem box drawers and corner carousels.

8. Leisure area

A living room is a place where we spend time with family and friends. The lounge area should be comfortable and cozy. Choose a comfortable sofa or corner sofa that will match the style of your kitchen. Add textile elements, such as rugs or curtains, that will bring warmth and a feeling of home comfort.

To sum up, a kitchen combined with a living room is a perfect solution for people who value modernity, functionality and space. Remember about ergonomics, separating the dining area and choosing the right colors and decorations. By choosing the right materials, handles and furniture, you will create an interior that is not only beautiful, but also friendly to residents. Remember that the key to success is the right combination of style, functionality and comfort. Carefully thought-out solutions will allow you to enjoy a modern interior that will be both practical and aesthetically refined.

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