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Marble and wood in a modern bathroom: a combination of elegance and coziness.

Contemporary bathrooms combine not only functionality, but also aesthetics and luxury. Designing such an interior requires a combination of appropriate materials, colors and furnishings. In this article, we'll show you how to create a modern bathroom with white marble, wood effect tiles, a free-standing bathtub, a shower, extensive lighting and a shower toilet.

1. White marble

White marble is a material that adds elegance and a timeless look to the interior. It can be used both on the floor and on the walls. White marble brings a feeling of spaciousness and luxury to the bathroom, and its natural patterns give the interior an individual character.

2. Tiles imitating wood

To introduce warmth and coziness to the bathroom, it is worth using tiles imitating wood. These types of tiles can be used both on the floor and on selected walls. Thanks to the variety of patterns, colors and textures, it is easy to choose tiles that will harmonize with marble.

3. Freestanding bathtub

A free-standing bathtub is an essential element of a modern bathroom. Thanks to its independent setting, it adds elegance to the space and makes the interior more exclusive. It is worth choosing a bathtub with simple, minimalist shapes that will harmonize with other elements of the equipment.

4. Shower

The shower is an indispensable element of every bathroom. In modern arrangements, it is worth choosing a shower without a tray, with a glass cabin or, alternatively, a model with a small, discreet tray. This choice will keep the interior light and minimalistic.

5. Extensive lighting

Lighting plays a key role in shaping the ambiance of a bathroom. It is worth using an LED lighting system that will allow you to create different lighting scenes. Spot lighting above the mirror, warm light in the bathtub and shower area, as well as discreet backlighting of cabinets or shelves will allow you to create the right atmosphere depending on your needs and mood. Also remember about general lighting, which will ensure comfort during everyday activities also in other interior designs such as bedroom interiors.

6. Shower toilet

The shower toilet is a modern solution that combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet. Thanks to the use of such a device, we gain not only convenience, but also space saving, which is especially important in smaller bathrooms. When choosing a shower toilet, pay attention to its design and additional functions, such as drying or heating the seat.

7. Style and colors

In designing a modern bathroom with white marble, wood-imitating tiles and exclusive equipment, it is crucial to maintain a consistent color and style. Bet on neutral shades, such as white, gray or beige, which perfectly harmonize with marble and wood-like tiles. You can also add color accents with accessories such as towels or rugs.

8. Accessories and decorations

The final finish of a modern bathroom is the selection of appropriate accessories and decorations. Bet on minimalist handles, hangers or soap dishes that will match the style of the interior. Choose mirrors with simple, geometric shapes that will add elegance to the space. Also, don't forget about the plants that will bring life and freshness to the bathroom.

To sum up, designing a modern bathroom with white marble, wood-imitating tiles, a free-standing bathtub, a shower, extensive lighting and a washing toilet is not only a challenge, but also satisfaction from achieving an aesthetic and functional result. Remember that the key to success is attention to detail and consistency of materials, colors and equipment. Creating a harmonious and cozy space will allow you to enjoy the comfort of everyday use of the bathroom at the highest level.

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