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MoRA MAX DESIGN - MORA MAX DESIGN - Your partner in interior design

MoRA MAX DESIGN - "Our only limitation is imagination."

Designing interiors with passion and professionalism.

Interior design is an art that requires knowledge, experience, and talent. By choosing MoRA MAX DESIGN, you can be confident that you're gaining a partner who truly understands your needs and expectations. Thanks to the extensive experience of our architects, we design interiors in cities such as Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Chorzow, and throughout Silesia. We have the technology and experience to create unique, functional, and beautiful interiors for you. By collaborating with us, you can be sure to receive thoughtful and professional solutions that will meet your expectations and contribute to your success.

An individual approach to residential interior design

Our specialists not only excel at arranging entire apartments and houses, but they also fully understand the needs of clients in terms of individual rooms.

Bedroom Design - Relaxation and Comfort

The bedroom should be a calm and relaxing place, but also functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our Katowice-based architects have extensive experience in creating such spaces, combining various styles and materials to achieve optimal results. We will design a bedroom that reflects your preferences, with attention to every detail, to meet all your expectations.

Kitchen Design - Practical and Aesthetic Solutions

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why our team will ensure that this room is practical and functional, with an adequate amount of storage space, but also cozy and aesthetically pleasing. When designing a kitchen, we pay attention to ergonomics, optimal space utilization, and the quality of the materials and appliances used.

Bathroom Design - An Oasis of Relaxation and Functionality

The bathroom is where we start and end each day. Therefore, bathroom design is another challenge we take on with enthusiasm, creating a space that will be both relaxing and functional.

Color Scheme and Materials - The Key to the Perfect Interior

Color Scheme - Creating Atmosphere and Harmony

The choice of colors in interiors is an extremely important element that affects the atmosphere and perception of rooms. At MoRA MAX DESIGN, we approach each project individually, selecting the color scheme in accordance with the client's preferences, as well as the function and character of the interior. We use both trendy and timeless color solutions to create a harmonious, cohesive, and pleasant space.

Materials - Attention to Quality and Durability

The selection of appropriate materials is key to the durability and aesthetics of interiors. At MoRA MAX DESIGN, we use the highest quality materials that guarantee long-term satisfaction from the project implementation. In choosing materials, we consider their functionality, durability, aesthetics, and environmental care. We propose materials that will be not only beautiful but also practical for everyday use.

Interior Design Implementation - From Concept to Finished Interior

At MoRA MAX DESIGN, we ensure that the entire interior design process runs smoothly and in line with the client's expectations. That's why we offer comprehensive service at every stage of the project implementation - from the first meeting, through the development of the concept, selection of materials and color scheme, to supervision over the implementation. Individual consultations and concept development

At the start of our collaboration with a client, we conduct detailed consultations to understand their needs, expectations, and lifestyle. Then, we develop an individual interior concept tailored to the client's requirements and preferences.

Selection of Materials, Furniture, and Lighting

In the next stage of the project, our specialists select the appropriate materials, furniture, and lighting that will perfectly fit the concept assumptions and will be practical and functional for everyday use.

Project Implementation Supervision

At the project implementation stage, our team closely collaborates with contractors, ensuring that everything goes according to the assumptions and deadlines.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to effectively supervise the work and eliminate any potential problems, which guarantees the client's satisfaction with the finished interior.

Why choose MoRA MAX DESIGN? Professionalism and Experience

By choosing MoRA MAX DESIGN, you gain a partner with many years of experience, a rich portfolio, and numerous satisfied clients. Our architects and interior designers are passionate specialists who continuously upgrade their qualifications and stay updated with industry innovations.

Individual Approach

We believe that every interior should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Therefore, we undertake the implementation of both classic and avant-garde projects, always taking into account the preferences and needs of our clients.

Comprehensive Services

At MoRA MAX DESIGN, we offer comprehensive services related to interior design. From consultations, through concept preparation, material selection, to project implementation - all in one place. By collaborating with us, you save time and stress, confident that the final result will meet your expectations.

MoRA MAX DESIGN is the ideal solution for those looking for a professional design office that offers services at the highest level. Our individual approach, experience, and passion result in interiors that are beautiful, functional, and meet our clients' expectations. If you dream of an interior that will reflect your personality and lifestyle, we invite you to collaborate. Visit our website at to learn more about our services and see our previous implementations.

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